Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green Thumb (Hopefully)

I haven't ever grown anything edible at home until quite recently.  I almost bought Laura an AeroGarden as part of Christmas: I had seen it at Costco for $170, but including some extras (an extra seed pod pack and an extra set of bulbs) that were not included with the same model when I saw it at Bed Bath & Beyond for basically the same price.  I didn't end up buying it then.  Shortly after the holidays, though, I saw it at Costco again...for $99!  This is the AeroGarden 6 Elite .  It has been in my kitchen, stocked with the 'Gourmet Herb Seed Kit ' since probably the middle of January.  Here is it as of now:

A few days ago, Jen and I saw a TV commercial for the Topsy Turvy .  It's basically an flexible cylinder in which you can grow tomatoes (or several other things) upside down, hanging from a normal hanging flower basket hook.  It was being offered for the standard '2 for $19.99', but the As Seen On TV section of my local Walgreens had it as well (a single for $11).  I now have two tomato seedlings (a Big Boy and a Bonnie Select Hybrid) growing (hopefully) on my back porch:

I was on an infomercial rampage: I even picked up Aqua Globes !

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