Monday, November 08, 2010

First Gosu Public Release..

The Guidewire language, Gosu, was mentioned a few posts ago -- I linked to some material presented at the JVM Languages Summit.  Today is the first release of the language to the public at large.  At the moment, it's termed a 'community release' -- open for use under an APL-style license, but no source (yet).

It's here: Gosu Community Release

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gosu: A Quick Thumbnail

This post probably only pertains to my fellow dorks. The language I end up writing nearly all of my work stuff in is not Java, but a Guidewire-developed language that is hosted within the JVM. Guidewire has plans to open source it, and just presented it in recent weeks at the JVM Language Summit conference.

The not-too-long slide deck that one of our developers used to present it at the conference is here: Introduction to Gosu

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Overall Route

To help visualize where all we went during our trip, Jen threw together this multi-destination map in Google Maps.  She originally had in all of the places we stayed at night, but I added in a bunch of the places we hit during the day (to preempt a lot of the 'did you make it to xyz?' questions):

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Above the main door


Near the main square in town; trams everywhere


Our new Croatian friend, bought us drinks! Lives in Lic.

Sign entering Fuzine...

..other side of the same sign, entering Lic!

At the Fuzine cemetery

Fuzine cemetery


Inside of St. Anthony in Fuzine

St. George in Lic

At the Lic cemetery

Lic cemetery

Lake adjacent to Fuzine

Our room at the Bitoraj in Fuzine

Breakfast at the Bitoraj; tasty strudels 

Taken from a park in Fuzine, towards Lic

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"We have problem. You missed the island!"

That is what the taxi driver decided after showing him the address of our hotel on Hvar.  It turns out that we had boarded the wrong ferry (long story, involving the hotel in Dubrovnik having bad information on ferry departure times out of Makarska combined with a radically optimistic bus transit time on their part as well...resulting in one missed ferry, ~5 hours of waiting for the next ferry..and that next ferry being the wrong one, taking us to Brac instead of Hvar)!

At this point, there was no way to get from Brac to Hvar that evening (we are talking about Saturday the 12th at this point).  The taxi driver said that our options were to stay on Brac that night or possibly take a ferry to Split.  Our next night (the 13th, the night I am typing this) was to be in Split anyway, so we thought we'd take that route.  Unfortunately, the port we came into was not the port on Brac that services Split...the one that does (Supetar) is on the opposite side of the island.  We had the driver take us all the way over to Supetar.  From there, I called the place in Split (Zephyrus) that we were staying the night of the 13th, checking to see if they might have any availability on the 12th for us.  They did.  We boarded the next ferry out of Supetar (certain that we were headed to the right city this time!), getting into Split about 8:30 PM.  We managed to make it to Zephyrus, and have been in Split since.  I suppose we'll have to finally see Hvar the next time (there must be a next time!) we are over here..

The below pictures are mostly from Split during the day today, but some are from the long day of transit yesterday (Dubrovnik to Makarska by bus, then ferry to Brac, then ferry from Brac to Split).  We have a 7:55 AM train in the morning (the 14th, it is a bit after midnight on the morning of the 14th as I type this) to Zagreb.  From there, we immediately grab a rental car and head down to Fuzine, where half of Jen's family hails from.

Killing time at the beach in Makarska after missing the ferry

On the ferry from Brac to Split, trying a Magnum

Tasty octopus salad at dinner tonight

My sea bass at dinner tonight

From our outside seat at dinner at Sperun tonight -- the sister cafe across the street

Plaza in Split near our place

Cafe/bakery we had espresso at this morning

Ruins of Diocletian's Palace in Split

More ruins

Inside the bell tower of the cathedral in Split

More of the ruins; cathedral partially seen on the right

Some hot chick I saw at lunch today

A nearby street in Split

Part of our room in Split

Friday, June 11, 2010


Croatian flag

Abandoned St. Mark's in Ston
View from lookout on Dubrovnik city walls

Jen with tribute to lira players in Ston

Cathedral in Korcula

Taking a dip in Korcula

Ana, our tour guide to Korcula.  For Patrick.

Church in downtown Dubrovnik about an hour ago

Dubrovnik walls 

Another view while walking the walls

Wall view again

We thought of our maid of honor

Jen bought a bracelet.  Also for Patrick.