Friday, March 20, 2009

AeroGarden First Use

A few posts ago, I put up a picture of the AeroGarden and all of the herbs growing like crazy in it.  As of now, it looks like this -- note the center back row:

The herb that has been radically trimmed down is the basil.  Jen harvested 2 cups of leaves off of it to make a recipe for 'sweet basil noodles'.  Here is Jen, kneading the dough.  Note the use of a step stool just to work at the kitchen island!

They are laid out to dry and harden before being used.  We let them dry last night like this:

To see if they worked at all, we boiled a few of them last night after about an hour of drying.  Not bad!  They are all sealed away in a plastic bin at the moment, waiting to be used...

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