Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lake District

Jen here! After Bath, we drove about 4 hours northwest to the Lake District, a national park area with a few very picturesque lakes.  The roads were so narrow and lined with ancient stone walls -- we also we rented the biggest car in England -- so parts of the drive were a bit scary.  Corbett did a great job though, and only slipped over to the wrong side of the road a few times.  We stayed in a B&B in Barrow-in-Furness, leaving from there to ride an old steam train and take a cruise on Lake Windermere.

 Hotel in Barrow-in-Furness (There were 2 weddings being held there, so we had good people watching.)

 A mini-hike behind our hotel took us to ruins of an old church. This is the entry way.

 This is the ruins of the church. They think it was built sometime in the 11th century and it's been in ruins since the 15th century.  Pretty old.

 Our train to the port.

 Our ship over to Bowness, a cute little shopping tourist town. (I fell asleep on this 50 minute boat ride (anyone surprised?) and woke up to Corbett missing and a group of Asians sitting at my table staring at me.)

 There were lots of people sailing on this beautiful lake.

 A more panoramic view.

 Intersection in Bowness.

Many amazing houses and hotels along the coast.

Corbett in his happy place eating gingerbread. It had actual chunks of ginger in it. Delish.

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