Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gosu: A Quick Thumbnail

This post probably only pertains to my fellow dorks. The language I end up writing nearly all of my work stuff in is not Java, but a Guidewire-developed language that is hosted within the JVM. Guidewire has plans to open source it, and just presented it in recent weeks at the JVM Language Summit conference.

The not-too-long slide deck that one of our developers used to present it at the conference is here: Introduction to Gosu


Brandon said...

Looks a lot like scala (which I've been working with a lot lately) but with a few extra features and a bunch of missing features.

What's the feature you love the most?

Corbett said...

In a Guidewire-agnostic sense, possibly closures/blocks...use 'em left and right.

In the context of actual Guidewire work, the big win is probably the open type system -- everywhere I am able to interact with things in the system natively via Gosu, which is pretty sweet and seamless in practice. There is no annoying generation step or anything -- everything is surfaced in the same way for me to mess with, be it pages or underlying application data entities (claims, etc.).