Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Overdue Post: San Juan

I hadn't posted since my late November trip to Helsinki. I should have have posted during last month's trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. As for where in San Juan, we (I was with several coworkers) were here:

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The customer was a 15 minute drive inland, in Guaynabo:

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It was a pretty good week, and the first time I've really been to San Juan. I'd been once before, but it doesn't really count: it was riding in a cab from the airport to the pier to leave on a cruise in 2001.

I've posted Puerto Rico pictures at the gallery. I should really put a few of them here and add commentary...but I'm behind the ball. Most of the pictures were taken during a several mile walk that I took with Mary (a coworker) from the hotel to El Morro, an old (San Juan is the oldest continually inhabited city in the hemisphere, I believe) castle/fort at the northwest corner of Old San Juan. We then walked into Old San Juan for dinner, and then took a cab back home. This Google Map shows the path between the hotel and El Morro, although we walked literally along the northern coast on sidewalks along PR-25 (rather than slightly inland):
There is an upcoming work trip to Zurich in early April -- I'll try to be more complete with that post.

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