Friday, August 14, 2009

Brush With Greatness

Mohand told me earlier today how -- less than 2 weeks ago, when returning to Paris from our sales consulting meeting in San Mateo -- he sat next to a girl on a leg of his flight that had quite the story. He said she used to be a star tennis player, and then went to work on Wall Street. She picked up biking kind of out of the blue...and has done quite well very quickly. We did some Googling: it is Evelyn Stevens. She got second at the Route de France today, with a stage win yesterday!

The WSJ apparently covered her a few days ago: Evelyn Stevens, American's Next Great Female Cyclist

It looks like she didn't even buy a bike until early 2008. (!!!)

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amar rama said...

hah! reminds me of Mrs Stokes