Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stanky Leg Makes NPR

NPR is catching up to last year! Minutes ago, I heard All Things Considered doing some follow-up (in response to listener mail) about a piece they did yesterday ('Is YouTube The New MTV?') on how YouTube is changing the music industry. The example they used?

The Stanky Leg!

Jen and her girls heard this song last summer when driving up to Dallas to Patrick's lake house.  We've watched the video on YouTube many many times, along with a bunch of the resulting fan videos.  They must have heard it shortly after it came out: the G-Spot Boyz are out of Dallas, and we heard it billed as a 'brand new song' in other parts of the country months later.

I found it on Rhapsody months after the girls heard it, although it seems to be listed as the 'Stanky Legg' there.

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