Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Windows Picture Viewer Doesn't Play Nicely With Orientation Flags!

All of my titles were pretty short, so I went with a long, descriptive one.

The past few albums I've published have had an annoying problem -- all of the thumbnails always look fine, but the larger (but still scaled) image that is displayed after clicking on the thumbnail sometimes was completely messed up: it was clearly the same picture a thumbnail had been displayed of...but now all in green and pink and black! It seemed like a small minority of the pictures were this way, and I wasn't sure why.

I published a new album today (http://cklempay.homeip.net/gallery/05_08_2007, containing pictures from Jen's visit to SF, her birthday, and her new bike), and some of the pictures had this same problem. I then realized: the pictures that appeared in green were all of the pictures that I had rotated in Windows Picture & Fax Viewer. I went to the JAlbum support forums, and promptly found this thread. Apparently, some software does not correctly update the orientation flag when rotating pictures, and Windows Picture & Fax viewer is one such program. It turns out that JAlbum correctly does the rotations, and will do it automatically when it comes across photos taken sideways (I could have avoided all of that manual rotation entirely!).

In other news, Jen thinks this ad is completely about me. I didn't know Budweiser had even heard of me!

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amar rama said...

I think Jen now knows you as well as any woman possibly can. She has truly found a great way to celebrate you :).

I am thinking that I should email budweiser and ask them to dedicate this to you :)