Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mark Zupan!

Jen and I went to see Bob Saget do standup last night at the Paramount Theater. That was pretty damn funny (I still can't get used to Danny Tanner being as vulgar as the real Saget!).

More noteworthy: we had great seats up close (row A!), in a strip of 4 seats on the left side aisle. Jen and I had the two rightmost seats of that strip...and the other 2 seats were occupied by Mark Zupan and his girlfriend, Jessica! Mark Zupan is the main character of the documentary from 2005 called Murderball. He's one of the players on the US Paralympic wheelchair rugby team, and was the most covered character in the movie. He's the one in the picture on the linked IMDB entry.

At the intermission (the opening comic was quite funny), I talked to him for a few minutes. He's an extremely nice guy and very friendly. He even offered to grab me a beer as he headed up to the bar at the end of the intermission!

I'd been telling Jen about the movie probably just two or three weeks ago -- I guess now I need to be sure she sees it! I'd seen his book, Gimp, at Barnes & Noble when it came out this fall, so I picked it up while out today.

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