Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gotta start somewhere..

So it seems I've given into Brandon's suggestions and created one of these too. Even Chocolate Thunder has been suggesting it -- and who can resist Chocolate Thunder? I promise to keep it free of pretentious diatribes on x, y, or z.

The news of the day: I (best guess) seem to have left my driver's license, my phone (the Sony Ericsson Z525a, not the Nokia 6822), and $20 on the trunk of my car after returning from a bike ride this morning. The phone is alive -- wherever it is -- as it still rings and takes me to voicemail..but I have no idea where. I've walked the parking lot (the Starbucks at 71/2222/620) twice, along with the ditches along 71 where I pulled out afterward. I've visited Galaxy Cafe, where I went after riding. No luck. Cingular said I'd have to pay the uncommitted price ($209! For a phone that is $29 for a new customer, after rebates!) to get the same phone again..but only $25 for a new SIM. So, it looks like keeping the unlocked Nokia around worked out after all...

Bonus points if anyone realizes the origin of this site's URL..

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